The Case of the Erotic Custody Battle

Attorney Katherine Scardino represented a business man who had fathered a child with a woman who was gainfully employed as a topless dancer. The mother and father had joint custody of the child, each alternating weeks of custody. The father had heard that the mother was involved in a sexually oriented business, engaging in the business at her residence when the child was present.

Private Investigation Reveals…

Our research identified the mother’s website where there were a number of naked pictures of the mother, promoting her naked body wrestling, on the web and in order to book appointments. The mother’s new husband was also depicted in a number of the videos and photographs. It appeared that the mother traveled throughout the U.S., booking session in various cities.

A Busy Mother

The advertisements and observations certainly indicated that the mother was engaged in sex for hire, which is more commonly known as prostitution. Gradoni’s Private Investigators also found online videos in which the mother was talking with clients while performing sexual acts, naked, in her home. On one of the videos it was apparent that our Client’s daughter was knocking on the door, interrupting the session.

Our private investigation team notified Houston Vice of the mother’s illegal activities, arranging a date and eventually arresting and charging her with prostitution.

As you can well imagine, the judge was unhappy with mommy’s line of work. When Chief Investigator J.J. Gradoni testified at the hearing, Katherine Scardino showed him the naked pictures of the mother that Investigators had found on the Internet. J.J. noted that she looked much different in her business suit.

Custody Success!