The Grandparents for Child Custody Case

Our firm was hired by a set of grandparents who had raised their daughter’s child from the age of 4 months to 5 years of age. The biological mother was never capable of caring for the child property and had a history of drug and prostitution priors in Houston.

Out of the blue, the mother decided that she wanted to have custody of the child. The problem the grandparents faced was they had raised the child all this time with no definitive court papers in place.

Gradoni & Associates Conducts Surveillance

As a result of our surveillance we determined that the biological mother was living in a two bedroom apartment with 6 children and a girlfriend, who had a number of criminal cases involving prostitution, drugs and theft. We were also able to obtain all of the Houston Police Department reports showing case history of prostitution and drugs regarding the biological mother.

Result of Investigation: Our clients were able to successfully obtain legal custody of their grandchild, allowing the biological mother initially supervised visits with the child every other Saturday. Our client’s position was further solidified when the biological mother never showed up for any of her appointed visitation periods.

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The Grandparents for Child Custody Case