The Conroe Drive-By Investigation

Conroe, TX based attorney Lydia Clay-Jackson represented an individual charged with the drive-by shooting of a criminal associate. The police originally charged the Defendant and his two brothers but eventually dismissed the charges on the two brothers.

The State’s case was based on statements made by three of the Defendant’s family members, who stated that the Defendant had been involved in stealing construction equipment with the Deceased. The family members also indicated that the Defendant had made comments regarding his involvement in the murder.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Our team conducted numerous interviews with the family members who stated that they were here in the country illegally and were threatened and scared by the Police Investigators in making the statements about the Defendant. Lydia Clay-Jackson artfully used our interviews with the family members who were willing to testify in court about being intimidated, to obtain a dismissal for the Defendant.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Capital Murder Charges Dismissed

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The Conroe Drive-By Investigation