30 Years on Death Row, Finally Over

Attorney Robert Loper and Attorney Gerald Bourque represented a Death Row inmate whose case had been sent back for a retrial of the punishment phase.

The inmate, convicted of capital murder, had been given the Death Penalty 30 years prior and had been on Death Row since his conviction.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

As a result of intensive research on our part we identified and interviewed a number of TDCJ personnel, both retired and active, who would be willing to come to trial and testify that the Defendant was a model prisoner and in their opinion was not a danger to the inmate population.

The State felt they had a very strong position, since the Defendant had killed another Death Row inmate in self-defense, when he was attacked during his first year of incarceration on Death Row. After months of preparing for trial, the State reversed its position of seeking the Death Penalty and the inmate was given a Life Sentence.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Death Penalty Reduced to Life Sentence

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30 Years on Death Row, Finally Over