The Case of the Home Invasion Killings

Attorney Skip Cornelius and Attorney Kristen C. Asaad represented Carl Goines, charged with the death of an individual in a home invasion and the death of an alleged accomplish who was allegedly shot by Goines during the home invasion, later dying at a local hospital in northeast Houston.

The State contended that two individuals forced their way into a residence in order to rob the occupants.

During the course of the ensuing struggle one of the two occupants of the residence was shot and killed. One of the home invaders was also shot and the State assumed that occurred accidentally by the second suspect. The lone survivor in the house could not identify any of the attackers.

Our Defendant was charged because he had brought the injured attacker to LBJ Hospital, dropping him off before he died. This was the State’s only event that linked Goines to the crime. There was no physical evidence placing him at the crime scene.

Goines told the police that he was leaving a friend’s residence when he observed the injured party on the roadway, needing help, which resulted in the Defendant being a good Samaritan, delivering the injured party to the hospital.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Cindy Klein interviewed the Defendant’s alibi witness, who verified he had been at their residence during the time the home invasion was taking place. Goines adamantly denied his involvement in the home invasion and rejected the State’s plea bargain offer.

Skip Cornelius made a shambles of the State’s case in trial and the jury delivered a Not Guilty verdict.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Defendant Acquitted of Capital Murder Charges

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The Case of the Home Invasion Killings