The Case of the Wayward Movers

Our Client had hired a local moving company to transport their belongings from one location in Ft. Bend County to another location in Harris County. When everything was unpacked the client was missing over $100,000 worth of silver along with two other items.

The Owner of the moving company allowed Edna Velez and Chief Investigator J.J. Gradoni to interview all of the employees that were involved in packing, moving and unpacking our Client’s property. Prior to conducting the interviews, the owner of the moving company provided Investigators with all of the pertinent information regarding his employees, that allowed us to conduct a background investigation on each one prior to doing the interviews. Six of the eight employees, on our Client’s property, had criminal history. One of the employees, who at the time was the main suspect, was on Probation for the Burglary of a former employer’s office, which also was a moving company. The second most likely suspect, was the grandson of the Owner’s Administrative Assistant.

During the course of the interviews our second suspect, the grandson, appeared to be the most likely culprit, along with the female on probation for Burglary. During our interview with the grandson he confessed to taking the silver and selling it at a Coin & Jewelry location. At the end of his interview/confession he asked if it would be possible to have a face to face conversation with our Client. Investigators then transported the suspect to the Client’s location, where the suspect apologized to them, for stealing the items. After we left the Client’s house we went by the Coin & Jewelry location, where he sold the items, and asked if they would not melt the items, since they were stolen. The merchant agreed to do so and the package was turned over to a Ft. Bend County Detective, who recovered a number of the items taken from our Client, referring the case to the Ft. Bend County District Attorney for Prosecution.

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