The Dope Rip-Off Murder

Attorney Skip Cornelius and Attorney Kristen C. Asaad represented a Defendant charged, along with two other Co-Defendants, with murdering an individual during a dope rip-off.

Our Defendant, from the beginning, admitted his participation in the dope deal, but denied being the shooter, as charged by the State.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Investigator Cindy Klein interviewed the eye witnesses to the shooting and determined that the description of the shooter did not match our client’s. The co-defendant, who we believed all along was the shooter, testified at the trial that our Defendant was the guilty party. Our background staff had developed a great deal of information about this witness which tended to dispute his credibility.

Capital Murder Charges Dropped

Skip Cornelius was able to show the jury, as a result of his strenuous cross-examination of this witness, that he was most likely lying. The State contended that our Defendant was the shooter. Although the Co-Defendant testified against our Defendant the jury only found him guilty of Aggravated Robbery.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Defendant Found Guilty of Aggravated Robbery

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The Dope Rip-Off Murder