The “Smuggling of Illegals” Death Inquiry

Attorney Robert Morrow and Attorney David Adler represented a female co-defendant that was charged as a co-conspirator with the ring’s leader in facilitating the smuggling of illegals via a tractor-trailer in Victoria, TX.

Attorney Katherine Scardino and Attorney Joe Salinas represented the 2nd trial defendant, also a female. Attorney Gerald Bourque represented the 3rd defendant in the trial, a male. All 3 of the defendants were related family. The Government was trying to convict all 3 of being responsible for the deaths of the people who died in the trailer. All 3 defendants refused to take the Government’s offer.

Detectives Assist in Dodging Murder Charges

Gradoni & Associates assisted all 3 co-defendants at trial. The jury found that the 3 defendants were guilty of smuggling but had no complicity in the deaths.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: No Criminal Charges in Connection with Homicide

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The “Smuggling of Illegals” Death Inquiry