The Auto-Robbery Murder Investigation

Houston, TX based Attorney James Stafford represented an individual charged, along with a co-Defendant, in the killing death of a victim while they were robbing his car.

The State did not have any eyewitnesses to the murder, which we verified through our investigation. The charged Co-Defendant had accepted a plea bargain on his case. The State was under the assumption that the Co-Defendant was going to testify against our client.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Investigator Cindy Klein interviewed the Co-Defendant at the jail and he assured her he had no plans to testify at our trial. After the jury was selected, the State learned that the Co-Defendant was not going to testify. Since the State realized they did not have the evidence to get a conviction they dismissed the Capital charge and tried our Defendant on an unrelated robbery case.

James Stafford worked his magic in trial and, although the Defendant was convicted, he only received a 20 year sentence. As far as individuals who live on the street are concerned, that case result was a large victory.


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The Auto-Robbery Murder Investigation