Syrup Sipping Results in Murder Acquittal

Attorney Stanley Schneider represented an individual who was charged with murder, as a result of a street altercation. The Defendant was arguing with an associate in the middle of the street when the incident occurred.

Gunplay Ensues

When the associate began to cock his weapon the Defendant fired a shot in self-defense, which missed and struck the associate’s wife inside the residence, killing her. The police had found a neighbor witness who generally supported the Defendant’s self-defense statements, by telling the police investigators he heard the other man cock his weapon. In spite of the witness, the police still charged Stanley’s client.

Keith Kucifer Investigates

Prior to trial, Houston Private Investigator Keith Kucifer interviewed the witness, finding that he had changed his story and was now saying he wasn’t sure that the victim’s husband possessed a weapon at the time of the shooting. Keith found the witness to be completely unreliable, drinking a mixture of Codeine and Vodka, during the interview. Stanley was able to shred the witness’ testimony benefiting from Keith’s contact; resulting in the jury finding the Defendant not guilty.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Acquittal of Murder Charges

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Syrup Sipping Results in Murder Acquittal