The Case of the Drunken Sales Manager

Our client was a manufacturing company that sold tools in the oilfield industry. Our client’s product base included thousands of small items. During an inventory it was discovered that a number of items in specific categories were missing. Our client had reason to believe that the Sales Manager was possibly selling items to competitors because of an anonymous phone call.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Surveillance investigators from Gradoni & Associates surveilled the Sales Manager and found him visiting competitors of the client’s and delivering product from his car. During the course of the 2 week surveillance campaign investigators also determined that the Sales Manager drank heavily every day on the job and repeatedly falsified his daily activity sheet.

The Evidence Was Overwhelming

Once all the evidence had been put together, the Sales Manager confessed to his misdeeds in an interview with Chief Investigator J.J. Gradoni, and was terminated. During the course of the investigation it was discovered that the Sales Manager’s brother, who also worked at the Company, was involved in the theft scheme, also and he, too, was terminated. Our client elected not to file charges but let everyone in the organization know that anyone engaged in theft would be caught and dealt with sternly.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Employee Termination for Misconduct & Theft

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The Case of the Drunken Sales Manager