The Case of the Concrete Thief

Our firm was hired by a concrete company who had suspicions that one of their drivers was diverting loads dedicated to a client and dropping them at locations where the loads were sold for personal gain. One of the reasons that the perpetrator was able to divert a load was due to the fact that it was very difficult for a customer to know that one of the multiple loads at their job site was not delivered. Investigator JJ Gradoni interviewed a number of the drivers, finding three witnesses who stated that the suspect had actually bragged to them about what he was doing.

Keith Kucifer contacted the suspect’s two previous concrete company employers and was able to determine that most likely he had been involved in doing the same scheme with his former employers.

Keith interviewed some of the suspect’s neighbors who advised they routinely saw lumber and other building materials in the suspect’s driveway that were regularly picked up via trailers. One of the neighbors stated that she had complained to the Sheriff’s Department on numerous occasions about the traffic at the suspect’s house that was indicative of narcotic sales. As a result of our investigation the employees with knowledge of the suspect’s activities who failed to report it to management were either reprimanded or fired.

When the suspect learned of our investigation he fled the state.

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