The Bellville Family Murders

Houston Attorney Katherine Scardino & Attorney James Rivera represented Maron Thomas charged with killing five family members at their residence in Bellville. Thomas was originally deemed insane and sent to the State Hospital. After a few months of treatment in the form of medication, Thomas was sent back for Trial.

The District Attorney’s Office is currently considering seeking the Death Penalty against Thomas.

Gradoni & Associates Interview the Family

Cindy Klein, our lead Investigator, working in conjunction with Gina Vitale, Mitigation Specialist, interviewed over thirty family members regarding their opinion about Maron being given the Death Penalty.

We were able to persuade 25 family members to attend a meeting with the District Attorney about the Death Penalty. To our knowledge, only one of those in attendance wanted Maron to be put to death. We are still awaiting the District Attorney’s decision.

Katherine Scardino told me that in all of her years working Capital cases, she has never, ever had that many people involved in the punishment issues, thanking both Gina and Cindy for their efforts.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Pending Decision by District Attorney’s Office

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The Bellville Family Murders