The Insurance Broker Vs. The Reservist Incident

Attorney Robert Loper represented an insurance agency owner who was involved in a verbal traffic incident with a Reserve Police Officer from a small town in Galveston County. When our Defendant parked his car, the Reserve Officer dressed in hospital scrubs, ran up to the Defendant, and tried to handcuff him. The Defendant resisted.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate the Incident

Our private investigation team obtained the 911 call our Defendant made asking for HPD to respond to the area because he was being attacked. We also served a Subpoena for the Officer’s file and the report he made to his Police agency about the incident.

The Officer’s report to his Police agency didn’t even come close to what he told HPD. We also obtained a copy of his 911 call, finding it, too, was not represented correctly in his report. When the Assistant District Attorney was presented with the facts of the situation, the criminal charges were dismissed.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Case Dismissed: Assault on a Public Servant

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The Insurance Broker Vs. The Reservist Incident