The “Kingpin Bums Ride to Hit” Investigation

Attorney John P. “Casey” Keirnan represented a defendant charged along with 3 other defendants with Capital Murder. The State alleged that the head of a local dope ring wanted to have an individual who provided information to the police killed. This individual recruited and paid a facilitator to take care of the hit.

The facilitator found someone who would agree to do the shooting, but since neither the facilitator nor the shooter had a car (really?) they needed to recruit someone with a vehicle. The facilitator promised our client a few rocks of Cocaine to drive himself and the shooter to a location one morning. The shooter exited the car and walked to the victim’s house, shooting him when he left for work that morning.

Our client claimed from the beginning that he did not know that he was bringing the facilitator and shooter to commit a murder, but rather thought they were going to pick up a load of narcotics. Our client never had been arrested in his life but found himself charged with Capital Murder. The defendant had been in jail since the murder was committed in 2010 but continually refused to take any of the deals proposed by the State, wanting to have his day in court.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

Our investigation determined that the State had no viable evidence that would indicate our client had knowledge that the murder was going to take place. The State realized their position and took into consideration the defendant’s past, offering a minimum sentence of 5 years. Once accepted the defendant was eligible for parole and hopefully will resume a productive role in society.

The shooter pleaded his case for a 60-year term.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Capital Murder Charges Reduced

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The “Kingpin Bums Ride to Hit” Investigation