The Protecting My Sister Investigation

An attorney from Memphis, TN contacted our office, requesting that we provide surveillance on his sister’s husband in Houston. The attorney went on to say that his sister, who had a severe brain injury, was living at home with her husband.

The husband was supposed to provide various types of support for our client’s sister, but she had complained to her family that her husband was never at home and missing in action. The husband also had tendency to send his wife to Memphis to stay with her family one or two weeks at a time, stating that he was going to have to go on business trips.

Gradoni & Associates Surveills The Husband

As a result of our numerous days of surveillance we determined that the husband actually had a girlfriend and was staying with the girlfriend and her teenage daughter at an apartment, which was very close to the couple’s homestead.

As a result of the finding of infidelity, our client in Memphis hired a local attorney to initiate divorce proceedings in order that his sister’s health and assets could be protected. I wish I could have been there when our wayward husband caretaker was shown the pictures of him kissing and hugging his new girlfriend.

Result of Investigation: Evidence needed for divorce proceedings obtained.

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The Protecting My Sister Investigation