Busted from New York; Infidelity & Cheating

A concerned wife in New York found our company through the internet after searching for private investigators in Houston and landed on our website. Her husband was traveling to the Houston area to visit his mother in a nursing home but she suspected he might be visiting someone else during his stay. The client was able to provide us with the hotel where her husband was staying and the location of the nursing home.

Gradoni & Associates Takes the Case!

Gradoni & Associates, Houston Private InvestigatorsDuring the surveillance operations which occurred over the weekend, Investigator Adam Garcia did document the caring son visiting his mother at the nursing home on four different occasions. After the visits he proceeded to a gated, secure apartment complex in West Houston where he stayed for approximately one hour on each visit. We could not follow our target when he drove inside because of a security gate. We were able to locate his car but had no way of knowing which apartment he actually had visited.

Our client confirmed that she nor her husband knew anyone else in Houston who he could be visiting. When her husband returned home his wife informed him she knew about the affair giving him the address of the suspected paramour. When confronted with the evidence he actually confessed to his activities.

Another success for a client.

RESULT OF INVESTIGATION: Wife’s suspicions confirmed; cheating husband busted.

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Busted from New York; Infidelity & Cheating