The Case of the Jail House Witness, Seeing Vocals

Attorney Robert Loper and Attorney Lori Gooch were in the midst of preparing for a capital trial that was going to start on February 8th. On Monday, February 4th, the Prosecutor informed the Defense that a jail house “snitch” had a conversation with the Defendant who made the comment in a hold-over cell, “All they got on me is circumstantial evidence. I did all the work and now my home-boys are going to snitch me out”.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Bob Loper and I went to the jail to interview the new star witness for the State, who really didn’t want to talk to us.

During our short conversation the witness pointed to his eye and said, “I heard them very words from that murderer with these eyes”. Before the witness left the interview room, he made the comment that our client had killed another person as a result of the shooting because the victim’s grandmother died from the stress of her grandson’s shooting death. It was obvious that the witness had personal connection to the victim’s family.

Might Miss Hearing Something

Will Hodge learned through one of his interviews that the witness was actually the victim’s brother but had a different last name. Time will tell what the Jury thinks of his credibility. As I told Bob, the one thing I’ve learned about this is I’ll never shut my eyes during an interview because I might miss hearing something.

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The Case of the Jail House Witness, Seeing Vocals