The “No Calls, No Sales” Corporate Investigation

A printing company in Virginia contacted our firm after looking at our website and requested that we surveil a salesman that worked from his home supposedly making sales calls on potential clients each day. The owner of the company was concerned since sales had dropped dramatically.

Gradoni & Associates Takes on The Case

Private Investigators of TexasInvestigator Companik surveilled the male for 5 days.

During the entire time the employee was under surveillance he only left his house twice. Once he traveled to Spec’s Liquor and once to purchase wine at a Kroger store.

Companik captured the items that our target purchased on videotape.

It’s safe to assume that his activity log will probably not truthfully disclose his weekly activities.

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RESULT OF INVESTIGATION: The Virginia based company knows the truth of their employee’s activities.

The “No Calls, No Sales” Corporate Investigation