The Noble Alcoholic

Attorney Ellen A Yarrell represented a client involved in a custody litigation with her child’s father. The father was an alcoholic who it was believed would travel to various construction jobs he supervised during the day drinking beer.

We took on the case!

During a week’s worth of surveillance 3 years ago Will Hodge caught our noble daddy stopping at convenience stores coming out with cans of beer, driving around town, and then making additional stops when obviously the beer was consumed.

RESULT OF INVESTIGATION: The videotaped evidence allowed Ellen’s client to obtain a stringent visitation policy for her husband.

Another Round

Recently we were again contacted to work on the case since the client wanted to further document that her ex-husband had not changed his ways. With the goal of surveillance results to further limit or exclude his visitation all together.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Gradoni & Associates, Houston Private InvestigatorsIn the three years that had passed our hero had gotten a younger female pregnant and was living with that female along with her 8-year-old son and his 1-year-old infant. This time we captured our mobile drinker doing the same things that he had done in the past but this time he had the children in the car with him.

The crowning achievement was a Sunday he had both children and his wife in his vehicle when Investigator Companik videotaped him buying a 12 pack of beer at a convenience store, icing it down in a cooler, and placing the cooler in the front seat of their truck. He then proceeded to drive around town all day drinking with both children in the car.

RESULT OF INVESTIGATION: The concerned mother has the information she needs for the family court.

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The Noble Alcoholic