The Foot & The Fire Dept. Captain

Attorney Jack B. Carroll represented a fire department captain who was traveling down a busy street in Spring when he came upon 3 students standing in the moving lane of traffic blocking the roadway. The fire captain stopped his vehicle asking the students to get out of the way. One of the students was defiant and refused to move. When the fire captain moved to his right and passed the student, the student claimed the fire captain rode over his foot intentionally.

The student did not seek medical attention but called the police after he was able to walk home.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Gradoni & Associates, Houston Private InvestigatorsWe conducted a background investigation on the student for his educational records, a majority of which were from the State of California. The records indicated a very belligerent individual who at one occasion had threatened to stab a fellow student to death when he was in the 6th grade.

Investigator Keith Kucifer interviewed one of the two students who was standing in the roadway who admitted that he did not see the vehicle run over his friend’s foot nor did his friend ever cry out or complain of any injuries.

The State had originally offered to plea bargain the case for a misdemeanor but a guilty plea would have cost our fire captain his job.

RESULT OF INVESTIGATION: Based on the results of our investigation showing the complainant’s lack of injury and credibility, the District Attorney did the right thing and dismissed the case. As we know, the truth matters.

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The Foot & The Fire Dept. Captain