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Polly Korzekwa Senior Analyst

Polly has been with Gradoni & Associates almost since our inception, 30 years ago. Before joining our team Polly worked in the banking industry for a number of years.

Polly is our Senior Research Analyst. She is in charge of conducting background investigations, asset searches, and locating current addresses for witnesses.

Polly is an expert at obtaining records from local police agencies via subpoena and public information requests per the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Over the years Polly has learned how to identify and obtain records on a timely basis from every jurisdiction in the United States, including the numerous agencies under the umbrella of the federal system.

Polly is our go-to person when we are trying to locate and interview a crucial witness, and also to obtain background information which can be used to dispute a witness’ credibility.

Polly’s ability to locate records allows us to produce financial histories &  asset documentation for individuals, attorneys, companies & corporations, which are then used by those clients to identify the financial status of potential investors, competitors & litigation adversaries.

Polly also assists in obtaining mitigation records as part of our investigations of capital cases which, of course, includes death penalty cases, and is an essential part of providing a proper defense for anyone charged with such a crime.