The Ineffective Counsel Investigation

One of our clients represented a school teacher who was charged with having sex with two of his High School students.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

We conducted our usual thorough investigation on behalf of our client, the Defense Attorney. We were able to find some students who would testify that the Complainants were not credible but we did also find cell phone history which was very damaging between the Defendant and the Complainants.

We also identified a potential third Complainant who had not spoken to authorities. The Defendant agreed to a 6 year sentence but soon after the deal was cut, the Defendant’s parents hired a Law Firm to seek a new trial on the grounds that our client, the Defense Attorney, provided ineffective counsel.

The District Attorney was provided all of our work product by the Defendant’s new Attorney. A real role reversal for us, Vice President, Carey Wellmaker, spent three days working with the District Attorney’s office reviewing our work product and listening to testimony.

After hearing all the evidence, the Judge ruled against granting a new trial because there was no evidence that the Defense Attorney was not effective. Both the Assistant District Attorney and our client said that the detailed work product that we provided “saved the day”. Hooray for the “good guys”!

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: New Trial Avoided, Counsel Proven Effective

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The Ineffective Counsel Investigation