Witness Located for Criminal Appeal

Our firm was contacted by Palen Law, in Wyoming, who was trying to locate an attorney who had represented their client a number of years before. The information was necessary so the Palen Law Firm could make contact with this attorney regarding his original defense in order to assist them in filing an appeal. The law firm had been told that the attorney had moved to Hawaii; hiring a private investigative firm to locate him. The firm in Hawaii provided them with a huge bill, no reports and no results.

Gradoni & Associates Gets Involved

Polly Korzekwa, our Research Analyst, conducted a number of database searches finding that the attorney, who is now 77 years of age, was living in an apartment complex off of I-10 and Bingle. We were also able to develop contact phone numbers for the attorney, which our client utilized to make contact with him.

Result of Investigation: Former attorney/witness located

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Witness Located for Criminal Appeal

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