Wife Beater Served From Missouri

We were contacted by a lady in Missouri who was trying to serve her common law husband with a court order which had been issued by a court as a result of family violence. The client provided us with the address of her ex-boyfriend which turned out to be a very secure high rise in the Galleria area. We also had a picture to assist us in identifying our subject.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate!

Gradoni & Associates, Houston Private InvestigatorsInvestigator Keith Kucifer was able to sneak past the concierge and get upstairs knocking on the apartment door. When our man came to the door, clad only in a towel, he denied his identity.

Investigator Kucifer showed him the picture sent by our client and asked him if that was him in the picture. I guess being only dressed in a towel you feel somewhat vulnerable and he replied that the picture was him. He was then handed the court papers from Missouri.

RESULT OF INVESTIGATION: Target served with court papers.

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Wife Beater Served From Missouri