One For The Books: Doped Up

Our office receives requests on a daily basis from attorneys and private citizens. We recently took in a call from a lady who advised that her phone and house were bugged and she believed her neighbors are “doping [her] up” and coming into her house. The caller stated she had put locks on all her doors and jams so they can’t be opened from the outside and now believes the neighbor’s wife is coming in through her bathroom, removing the water heater and climbing in through the opening. The caller stated she can hear them moving around in the house after they enter, but she is so doped up from the drugs in her that she can’t move.

The caller stated that the neighbors had been harassing her for a very long time; which included following her to her mother’s house and her job. The reason the caller wanted assistance was because she had contacted the police previously to investigate the neighbors having “dope in the house,” but she didn’t think they did a very good job with their investigation.

Result Based on Investigation: Even our team couldn’t solve this one, so we declined taking on the case.

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One For The Books: Doped Up

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