Reflectors Trump HPD’s Crack Possession Charges

Attorney Lana Gordon represented a female who was stopped by Houston Police Officers while she was riding a bicycle at 6:00 a.m., for not having reflectors. The search, subsequent to her arrest, produced a “crack” pipe in her possession.

Our Defendant claimed that the bicycle was properly equipped with reflectors.

Gradoni & Associates Charge into the Investigation

Lana had the Judge issue an Order, allowing our Firm to inspect the bicycle which had been placed in evidence. Numerous attempts to have HPD allow us to inspect the bicycle “hit a brick wall”. Eventually, it was determined that the bicycle did have reflectors and that the Officers had lied in an effort to roust our Defendant, a member of the “oldest profession on earth”. The moral of the story is “If you’re riding a bike in the City of Houston, you’d better have your reflectors”.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Felony Crack Possession Charges Dismissed

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Reflectors Trump HPD’s Crack Possession Charges