Confessed Thief Accused of iMurder

Attorney Robert “Bob” Loper represented an individual who was charged with the beating death of a fellow resident at an apart­ment complex, in which the victim’s iPhone was taken. The State had an 8 year old juvenile witness who claimed he observed the defendant strike the victim.

The defendant claimed from the be­ginning that he observed two males beat and knock down the victim, fleeing the scene. The defendant admitted picking up the victim’s cell phone after he was rendered unconscious by the two attackers.

Gradoni Detectives Investigate

Investigator Jose Arreola canvassed the apartment complex and found two witnesses who advised that they had seen two Black males hanging around the complex, most likely selling narcotics, but hadn’t seen either of the males since the incident.

The defendant was adamant that he would not take a plea since he was innocent and the case went to trial. The defendant was found guilty of theft from a person, receiving a two year prison sentence.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Capital Murder Charges Dropped, Convicted of Theft

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Confessed Thief Accused of iMurder