The “You Can’t Hide from Us” Case

A distraught mother came to us because her husband had taken her two children from the home and she did not know their whereabouts but believed that they were living in a hotel. The husband had been out of work for some time and was depressed. Our client had hired an attorney but they could not locate the husband for service.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

During our investigation, we determined that one of the children was going to a friend’s house each day after school. Investigator George Romero set up surveillance on the house until the husband arrived to pick up the child. Romero had noted the husband drove around the neighborhood a few minutes looking for surveillance before he picked the child up.

George followed the husband to a motel on I-45. The following day, George served the Temporary Restraining Order on the husband. The vulgar response was our reward for completing the job in 48 hours. As a result of the service, the husband returned the children to the mother before the court date.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Mother Takes Custody of Children

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The “You Can’t Hide from Us” Case