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June of 2009 Edition

A Message from J.J.,

Chief J.J. Gradoni
Chief J.J. Gradoni

2009 is surely moving at a fast pace. This is already our 2nd newsletter of the year. World events, economic problems and politics are swirling around us at a faster pace than ever. The economy is up and down, should we waterboard or not, did the CIA lie to Congress, controversy over the President’s speech at Notre Dame, why did the soldier from Texas kill his five comrades in Iraq, just to mention a few issues. Although the world situation seems to affect us in one way or another personally, we know that it is still imperative that we focus on the core issues of our cases and develop the most factual work product for our diversified client base.

I would like to thank Leonard Meyer, Bob Loper, Gilbert Garcia, Katherine Scardino, Gerald Bourque, and Don Looper for recently referring new clients to our Firm. Thank you all for your support.


I am proud to say that since our inception in 1989, we have earned a reputation in the Criminal Defense arena as a premier private investigative firm who provides clients with a quality work product.

At the recent Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association banquet, I spoke with Attorneys who are aware of our reputation but are under the misconception that we are “too expensive to do appointed work”. Please understand we charge the County Appointed rate when doing appointed cases because we believe it is important that every Defendant have the same opportunity to defend themselves as someone who is in a position to pay for their defense.

It is also important that every Attorney have the ability to provide effective counsel with a supportive investigation. In addition to currently having 21 active appointed Capital cases at the State and Federal level, we have a very active case load for our clients who utilize us on their appointed Felony and Misdemeanor cases. I have found that effectively investigating these cases have produced some outstanding results for our defendants. On the following page of the newsletter, some of those successes are documented. Please don’t hesitate to call on our Firm for assistance in any type of appointed case, misdemeanor or felony.


J.B. spent 20 years in the United States Air Force as a Security Police Officer, performing multiple tasks ranging from air base security and emergency planning, to orchestrating multi-nation multi-jurisdictional investigations of narcotics operations in Europe with the Air Force Office of Special Investigation.. J.B. has extensive criminal investigation experience and has also worked in Personal and Assets Protection.

After retiring from the Air Force, J.B. worked at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, training Field Officers and supervising the Juvenile Habitual Offender Program. J.B. has a Master’s Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management, and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

During the short time that J.B. has been working for Gradoni & Associates, I have found him to be a professional and diligent Investigator who can “think outside the box” while conducting very thorough and on-point interviews for our clients. J.B.’s wealth of experience certainly broadens the base of our already diversified staff.


Congratulations to client, Skip Cornelius, who was recently awarded the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association “Attorney of the Year” Award. Skip is a very well respected Defense Attorney who brings the same tenacity to the Defense Bar as he did when he was a successful Harris County and Federal Prosecutor.

Our Firm has had the pleasure of working a number of Capital Murder cases with Skip who leaves no stone unturned in the defense of his client.


Congratulations to client, Don Lambright, who received the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association “Lifetime Achievement” Award.

Don has a reputation for being a very effective and successful former Harris County and Federal Prosecutor. Working over the years with Don has been a pleasure due to his wealth of knowledge and his quick wit and sense of humor.

We feel that our investigative services help prove that the “Truth Makes A Difference”.

Some of our successes over the past months are documented in this newsletter.


A lot of the case successes mentioned in this newsletter came about because we went out to visit scenes and interview witnesses. A very long time ago, when I was a Rookie Police Officer, a very experienced veteran told me something I’ve never forgotten. “Things are never what they appear to be. Never take anything for granted.”

  • Insurance Fraud PreventionInsurance Claims Investigation Leads to a Walmart
    State Farm Insurance asked us to surveil a claimant who had moved to Wharton County from Louisiana and was possibly working at a Walmart store. Gradoni Investigates for the Insurer We determined that
  • The “No Parking” Weaponized Felon Case
    Attorney Gary Polland represented an individual with 2 prior narcotics convictions who was charged with Felon in Possession of a Weapon. The Patrol Officer stated that he originally made contact with
  • The Burglary Eyewitness That Wasn’t
    Attorney Gary Polland represented an individual charged with the burglary of a home that was in close proximity to his own residence. The State’s key witness told the responding Officer that from
  • Charges Dismissed in Domestic Violence Case
    Attorney Joe Salinas represented a Defendant on Federal parole who was accused of assaulting his former girlfriend. The girlfriend did not report the incident for over a month. Gradoni &
  • Swearingen Case: Forensic Testing Creates Doubts
    Attorney James Rytting and Attorney Phillip Hilder represented James Swearingen in a highly publicized Montgomery County Capital Murder. Forensic Test Casts Doubts on Murder Allegation Based on
  • The Highway Racing Death Investigation
    Attorney Gilbert Garcia represented a teenager in Montgomery County who was charged with the death of 2 of his friends as they traveled in separate cars on FM 149 in Montgomery County. The State
  • Investigation Instrumental in Theft Charge Dismissal
    Attorney Kenneth McCoy represented a Defendant charged with stealing thousands of pounds of bar copper from his employer and selling it, using his own identification, to a local scrap dealer. Gradoni
  • The Teacher-Student In-Class Sex Act Investigation
    Attorney Katherine Scardino represented a Teacher in a highly publicized case who allegedly performed a sexual act on a High School student in a classroom. Gradoni & Associates’ Detectives
  • The Murder in Self Defense Investigation
    Attorney Joe Salinas represented an Hispanic male from El Salvador who was charged with striking a burglar with a baseball bat, causing the burglar’s death. Gradoni & Associates Investigate the
  • Proof of a Lying State Witness Leaves Jury Hung
    Attorney Kelly Case represented a grandfather in Montgomery County charged with the sexual abuse of his biological granddaughter. Gradoni & Associates Conducts Investigation Our investigation



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