The Highway Racing Death Investigation

Attorney Gilbert Garcia represented a teenager in Montgomery County who was charged with the death of 2 of his friends as they traveled in separate cars on FM 149 in Montgomery County. The State alleged that the cars were racing on a 2 lane roadway with a sharp curve and the Defendant’s vehicle forced the other vehicle off the roadway, causing it to hit a tree, killing both occupants.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate the Auto Accident

We interviewed nearby neighbors and determined that their view of the accident was not as they reported. We referred Tom Grubb, an Accident Reconstructionist, who was able to greatly reduce the speed of the Defendant’s vehicle due to his calculations, contrary to what the State had alleged.

The Grand Jury saw the case as what it actually was, a horrible accident.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: No Billed in Double Vehicular Homicide Case

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The Highway Racing Death Investigation