A Hit & Run Mystery, Solved

One for the Books

Attorney Kenneth McCoy represented a lady charged with Failure to Stop and Render Aid and Negligent Homicide. The only witness to the accident that resulted in the death of the victim saw a female driver flee the scene. The witness was able to obtain a License Plate number.

Police Detectives Investigate

Police Investigators interviewed the owner of the vehicle, the Defendant’s cousin, who told the Police he thought his cousin, our Defendant had been driving the vehicle that day. Before the Police deported their only witness, he identified the Defendant from a photo spread as the driver of the car and she was subsequently arrested and charged.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

When we started our investigation, the Defendant adamantly denied driving the vehicle. As we talked to her relatives, it was obvious that the Defendant was not driving the car that day. We learned that the actual driver was the Defendant’s sister, who the Defendant was protecting.

As we approached a Trial setting, the Defendant was still reluctant to tell us about her sister but she finally agreed. We then interviewed her sister, who looked a lot like the Defendant (witness identification) who admitted driving the car. The sister also supplied us with a witness who could verify she was the driver. We contacted this witness who verified the sister’s story.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Charges Dropped Against Defendant

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A Hit & Run Investigation, Solved