The “Where’s My Child” Custody Case

The biological dad of a two year old child hired us to find his daughter.

The father and mother of the child had been separated for over two years. While the dad was overseas, the mother moved and refused to tell the father where she was living or give him access to the 2 year old child. We conducted all of our normal database searches but could not develop any new addresses for mom and the child.

Our Investigation Continues…

We then resorted to having Benito Segura call mom, a Real Estate Agent, and set an appointment to look at one of her listings. After the appointment she was followed by one of our surveillance agents until we located her residence, placing our client in a position to serve her with the appropriate paperwork to get her to court to re-establish contact with his daughter.

If you’re in a similar situation, and could use the services of a Houston private investigator to find your child, contact Gradoni & Associates by calling our office direct, at 281-440-0800.

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The “Where’s My Child” Custody Case