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December of 2007 Edition

A Message from J.J.,

Chief J.J. Gradoni
Chief J.J. Gradoni

Another year has come and gone. 2008 will mark our 20th year in business. During our first 19 years we have billed out $9,632,000 to our diversified client base.

I believe that we have been successful because , although our staff has changed over the years, we have always had competent Investigators who knew how to obtain information for our clients and put it in a format that was understandable and thorough. Secondly, the majority of our new clients are referred to us by our current clients.

I recently heard a Family Law Judge make this statement of one of the Opposing Attorneys while they were arguing over a Motion, “I want the Jury to hear all of the facts. I’m sorry that they do not benefit your client.” When I heard the Judge make that statement the first thing that came to my mind was, that’s exactly what we do for our clients—we get the facts for them.

I would like to personally thank all of our clients for the great deal of support they have given our Firm over the years. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


Our new Court Directory is enclosed.

I have been told over the years by clients that they really like our format because it is concise and small enough to carry in their suit coat pocket or briefcase. (If you need any additional directories, please let us know.)


In an effort to streamline effort and provide clients our work product faster, we will no longer be sending reports on hard copies via the mail. We will be sending clients all reports via email, unless they instruct otherwise. Any certified copies, attachments that cannot be scanned, videotapes, etc. will be sent under separate cover with the invoice for our services.

If you have had a recent change in your email address, please let us know.


As you may or may not know, I have put together a manual for Corporate clients on hiring and another manual for Criminal Defense clients, regarding field sobriety testing. If you don’t have one of these manuals and would like one, or both, please let me know.

I am in the process of redoing the hiring manual; expanding the subject matter covered so that it can be utilized more efficiently as a complete reference for anyone going through the hiring process.

I am also in the process of putting together a “Criminal Defense Attorney’s Black Book”, which will be a very thorough guide for Harris, Galeston, Brazoria, Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties, listing Court locations, Court Coordinators, jail procedures for property release, jail procedures for inmate interviews and other related subjects. There also will be a section on how to obtain TDC records, County Jail records, driver’s license photographs, IAD Compliant History, officer evaluations, Offense Reports without subpoenas and much, much more. My goal is to put all of this useful information in one place to help our clients make the Defense Process more efficient.

If there is anything in particular you would like to see included, please let me know.


I am very proud to announce that Will Hodge has become a member of our Investigative Team. Will spent 10 years as a Police Officer for Prince George’s County Police, in Bellsville, Maryland. In addition to working as a Patrol Officer, Will also worked as a Detective, conducting Investigations regarding property crimes, assaults, robberies and sex crimes. Will is proficient in evidence collection, courtroom preparation and testimony.

While with the Prince George’s Police Will received a Bronze medal for Valor, for entering a burning building to rescue a person. Will was named the Prince George’s Police Officer of the Year in 1992 and also received two Unit Citations for the arrest of two armed bank robbers.

Will worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a Corrections Officer for two years at the Rosharon Unit, before beginning his Police career.

Will’s varied background includes working three years for CAN Insurance in their Special Investigations Unit, investigating fraudulent claims, Worker’s Compensation and suspicious deaths.

We feel that the use of our investigative services have gone a long way in proving that the “Truth Makes A Difference”.

A Special Congratulations

My congratulations to my personal friend and personal Attorney, Lynn Kamin, who just formed a new family law powerhouse with Joan Jenkins. Lynn has represented me and my wife, Gina, for the last four years in a grandparent custody case. The experience was very stressful for us all but I now have full custody of my three beautiful grandchildren. I learned quite a bit from this experience, dealing with the stress to prepare for trial on four different occasions over the length of the litigation. I also gained a great deal of insight about trial preparation when the role is reversed and you are the Litigant instead of the Litigant’s Investigator.

  • Investigating a Wife’s Affairs
    Attorneys Susan Myers and Laura Dale represented an individual in a divorce action who felt very certain that his wife was having an affair, amongst other things. Gradoni & Associates Investigates During the course of surveillance
  • The Exposed Babysitter Investigation
    Attorney Butch Bradt represented a young man who was charged with exposing himself to a female he was babysitting when he was 13 years of age. The case dragged through the Harris County Court System for a number of years and finally went
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe “Miraculously Healed” Investigation
    WHEN TEXAS PRIVATE EYES ARE ON YOU Cokinos, Bosien & Young hired us to surveil an individual who claimed he was so severely injured he couldn’t leave his house. Private investigators from another firm had previously surveilled the
  • The Ineffective Counsel Investigation
    One of our clients represented a school teacher who was charged with having sex with two of his High School students. Gradoni & Associates Investigates We conducted our usual thorough investigation on behalf of our client, the Defense
  • The Case of the Jail House Witness, Seeing Vocals
    Attorney Robert Loper and Attorney Lori Gooch were in the midst of preparing for a capital trial that was going to start on February 8th. On Monday, February 4th, the Prosecutor informed the Defense that a jail house “snitch” had a
  • When Brother Shoots Brother; Murder Investigation
    Houston based Attorney Skip Cornelius represented a Defendant charged with shooting his brother to death in front of his father and his girlfriend. The Defendant claimed it was self-defense, while the witnesses claimed the victim had
  • Capital Murder: Adult Certification Thwarted
    Attorney Gary Polland represented a juvenile who was charged with Capital Murder, along with his adult brother. Gradoni & Associates Investigate The State was trying to certify Gary’s client so he could stand trial as an adult. Gary
  • The Unreliable Murder Witness Case
    Attorney Mack Arnold represented an unsavory character charged with murder. Gradoni & Associates Investigates Our Investigation revealed that the State’s case was based on some very unreliable witnesses, without any credibility. Mack
  • The Case of the Deputy’s Wife’s Last Round
    Attorney Gerald Bourque represented the wife of a Harris County Deputy who had been charged with Resisting Arrest. The Incident The incident occurred at a club in The Woodlands when one of the off-duty Officers asked the Defendant to put
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Case of the Overpaid Office Manager
    Randy Schaffer referred a client who owned an Architecture firm. When the Officer Manager had taken some time off, the owner of the firm had an opportunity to review the bank statements, finding that the Office Manager, who had control of
  • Child Custody Investigation: The Doctor’s Wife
    Attorney Katherine Scardino represented a Surgeon in a divorce case, seeking custody of his children due to the fact that his wife was addicted to alcohol and “speed”. Investigators were able to trace the wife’s purchase of
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Case of the Suspect Pocket Cash
    Undercover – Busted Scott Smith, the owner of Wilco, a company located on the Ship Channel that sells over a million dollars worth of parts a month to the oil industry, had been informed by a customer that they saw one of the counter



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