From 25 to Life to Misdemeanor, Girlfriend Costly

Attorney Joe Salinas represented a Defendant charged with Felony Assault on his girlfriend at his mother’s house. After the Warrant was issued the girlfriend moved to Abilene.

The Defendant made up with her and began living with her Abilene. When the girlfriend found out that the Defendant was Baytown’s Most Wanted as a result of the case, she called Crimestoppers and received a reward for having him located and arrested.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate

George Wellmaker conducted a thorough investigation of the witnesses and determined the Complainant’s allegation was retaliatory and had no basis. The Defendant was looking at 25 years to a life sentence if convicted. Joe Salinas was able to the charges dropped to a Class A Misdemeanor for time served. Hopefully the Defendant will find a new girlfriend.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Felony Domestic Assault/25 to Life Reduced to Misdemeanor

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From 25 to Life to Misdemeanor, Girlfriend Costly