The Disgruntled Father Case

Houston, TX lawyer Michael T. Palmer represented a young male charged with Aggravated Assault along with breaking out the windows of the victim’s car. The victim told Police that he had gotten involved in an altercation on the street because he refused to move his car. The occupants of the adverse vehicle attacked him and broke out the windows of his car.

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Benito Segura handled the investigation and learned that the defendant was not a stranger to the complainant, but rather had been dating the complainant’s daughter. The complainant, who did not like the defendant, had engaged in mutual combat with him while a third party actually broke out the complainant’s car windows. The D.A. agreed to dismiss the case as long as restitution was made for repair of the complainant’s vehicle.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Aggravated Assault & Criminal Mischief Charges Dismissed

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The Disgruntled Father Case