The Legitimized Narcotics Investigation

Attorney Thomas A. Martin represented a Defendant charged with Possession of Hydrocodone tablets.

Gradoni Investigates for the Law Firm

During the course of our investigation, we were able to obtain valid prescriptions for half of the pills in the Defendant’s possession. The Defendant claimed that the other prescriptions came from a doctor who we found out was under investigation by the District Attorney’s office and Medical Board.

It was our mission to obtain this doctor’s file to verify that the prescriptions our Defendant had were legitimate. The doctor evaded service of our subpoena at his office, but after we determined where he lived, we followed him out one day and served him when he stopped his Mercedes at a traffic light.

The following morning, there was a news article that the doctor’s office had caught on fire and a number of his medical records had been destroyed. Luckily for the Defendant, we were able to obtain records from a satellite office and her case was dismissed. We were all very happy to hear that the doctor was not injured when he set fire to his medical records.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Possession/Controlled Substance Charges Dismissed

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The Legitimized Narcotics Investigation