The Case of the Phantom Employees

Houston, TX based Attorney Jeffery “Jeff” Greco represented a defendant who supervised construction crews in the Valley. The State alleged that the defendant cashed a number of employee checks keeping the money for himself.

Gradoni Detectives Investigate

We learned that the real story was the company was hiring undocumented workers issuing checks to phantom legal workers and then bringing the cash to the Valley where the undocumented workers were paid.

We were able to establish through our investigation that the State actually had no real proof that that defendant had taken any money but the State elected to go to Trial. Midway through the Trial, the State offered the defendant a misdemeanor conviction. The defendant elected to reject the offer and continue with the Trial feeling very confident that a not guilty was around the corner. The Prosecutor had the same expectations dismissing the case and ending the Trial.


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The Case of the Phantom Employees