The Abusive Husband Vs. Armed Wife Investigation

Attorney Robert Fickman represented a female charged with pointing a gun at her abusive husband.

The Defendant had been physically abused by the Complainant for a long period of time. When the Complainant refused to leave after an abusive incident with the Defendant, she went to the closet to retrieve a gun to protect herself. The responding Police Officers siding with the husband arrested the Defendant at the scene.

Gradoni & Associates’ Investigators Take The Case

Statements from the husband’s parents verified the abuse that their son inflicted on the Defendant. The parents also provided references about their son’s propensity for violence. The information developed by the Investigator was given to the Assistant District Attorney, who in turn, dismissed the case.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Case Dismissed: Reckless Conduct with Firearm

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The Abusive Husband Vs. Armed Wife Investigation