The Case of Naked Service

Our family law client was trying to serve change of custody pa­pers to an elusive morn. As a result of Facebook searches we learned that the mom was going to pose naked at a party for art­ists in a private home.

The Plan

The plan was to serve the elusive mom during the party and then have a 2nd investigator follow her so we could identify her residence.

Undercover Investigations Ensue

Investigator Keith Kucifer, acting in an undercover capacity, gained entrance to the party, finding our mom stark naked in the living room while a number of males were doing sketches of her.

Keith was well prepared, having tak­en a sketchpad with him in order to fit in.

The Tip Jar

The male who an­swered the door pointed to a tip jar as Keith took his seat with the group.

Butt Naked Service Initiated

Everyone was sketching so intensely no one payed atten­tion to the fact that Keith was not doing the same thing. When there was a break in the action Keith was able to make service, causing the ire of all of the party participants.

After the party was over, Investigator Paul Wisdom was able to follow our now clothed mom to her new residence.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Mom Served, Residence Located

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The Case of Naked Service