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December of 2016

A Message from J. J.,

ChiefWe have not had a newsletter since March 2015. We were so busy that it seemed there was never enough time to sit down and articulate all of our successes.

There will not be enough room in this newsletter to detail some of the success­es, but I can hopefully talk about the majority of them.

As is always the case, our team of Investigators left no stone un­turned in helping our hard working attorney clients defend their clients.

Defining What We Do

I was recently asked by a member of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce to provide some information regarding Private Investi­gators. The first question I was asked was to define what a Private Investigator does for his clients. In short, I answered that a Private Investigator obtains factual. credible information, legally. for a cli­ent in return for compensation. The information that we develop for our clients relates to many issues.

  • Finding out who is stealing from the company
  • Defending someone charged with a criminal offense
  • Determine if a spouse is cheating
  • Conduct pre-employment background investigations for po­tential new-hires to ensure hiring someone who is honest and credible
  • Surveilling individuals who claim they got hmt on the job and can\’t work anymore
  •  Conducting background investigations on individuals om clients are considering going into business with

I also pointed out that Private Investigators are licensed in the state where they operate. I suggested that if someone was looking for a Private Investigator to hire, it might be a good idea to ask friends and associates for a referral.

I also advised that searching the web would result in locating a number of companies who boast many services and resources. These websites make it difficult to determine which companies are, in reality, one man shops; which I would recommend stay­ing away from.

I also pointed out that the majority of these websites go into detail about what they can do for a client, but they never appear to docu­ment any case success where they have actually gotten productive results.

My final suggestion was that if anyone was planning to engage an Investigator, and give them money up front, they should visit their office first because that would tell them quite a bit about their credi­bility and potential to do a good job.

Cases Reviewed In This Edition of The Newsletter

  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Alcoholic Child Custodian Investigation
    Attorney Dominick Derose represented a mom who was trying to change the custody terms of her divorce decree, which gave her ex­-husband primary custody of their child. One of the conditions of the final decree was that the ex-husband was to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages while he had possession of the child. Gradoni &
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Child Custody Requirement Violations Case
    VIOLATION OF CUSTODIAL REQUIREMENTS Attorney Diane Carvillo represented a mom who was trying to prove that her ex-husband was not following the court ordered final judg­ment. Due to the husband’s alcohol problems, during weekend visitation his two children were not allowed to drive with him in a vehicle or spend the night at his residence.
  • Corporate Investigations - EmbezzlementThe Case of The Embezzling Accountants
    A Corporate Investigation Success Our firm was contacted by the owner of a lawn maintenance com­pany with an embezzlement problem. The owner had determined that his accountant of 13 years had been paying a number of her personal bills, including all the expenses associated with her hus­band’s business, from their business account. The
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Case of Naked Service
    Our family law client was trying to serve change of custody pa­pers to an elusive morn. As a result of Facebook searches we learned that the mom was going to pose naked at a party for art­ists in a private home. The Plan The plan was to serve the elusive mom during the party and
  • Private Investigators of TexasIs Your Daughter’s Boyfriend a Sex Offender?
    One of our client’s legal assistants asked that we background an adult male who was dating her 16 year old child. Team Gradoni Investigates As a result of our background investigation, we determined that our future son-­in-law was a registered sex offender. His next visit to his girl­friend’s house didn’t go too well for him
  • Private Investigators of TexasConfessed Thief Accused of iMurder
    Attorney Robert “Bob” Loper represented an individual who was charged with the beating death of a fellow resident at an apart­ment complex, in which the victim’s iPhone was taken. The State had an 8 year old juvenile witness who claimed he observed the defendant strike the victim. The defendant claimed from the be­ginning that
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Texas Prison Break Murder Trial
    Attorney Jimmy Phillips Jr. and Attorney Katherine Scardino represented one of two in­mates attempting to escape from a work project in a Huntsville prison unit where 80 inmates were working. During the escape the co-defendant was trying to leave the area in a stolen truck, coming in contact with a guard who fell from her
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Case of the Nightclub Gangland Killing
    Attorney Skip Cornelius represented a young defendant who was charged, with another defendant, with the shooting death of a rival gang member at a club in Houston, TX. Gradoni & Associates Investigates We were able to identify and interview two wit­nesses who stated that the defendant was with them at the club when the shots
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Narco-Murder Dismissal
    Attorney Mary E. Conn and Attorney Jerald Graber represented a male charged with the shooting deaths of two individuals during a narcotic transac­tion in Houston, TX. The defendant was arrested at age 17, spending 4 years in the Harris County Jail before his case went to trial. The defendant had two different attorneys before Mary
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Shotgun Murder Investigation
    Attorney Katherine Scardino and Attorney Jimmy Phillips Jr. represented a lady charged with the shooting death of her husband. The defend­ant, her husband and her husband’s brother were returning home from an evening of heavy drinking. While in the drive­way to the residence the husband assaulted the defendant, smashing her head against
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Case of the Dirty Daughter
    Attorney Brett Podolsky represented an individual who had stopped by his rental home, which was occupied by his daughter who had a well-documented drug addiction problem, and found three males inside; two of which were in bed with his daughter. The defendant was enraged, telling all three of the males to leave the residence immediately.
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Death by Ophthalmologist Inquiry
    Attorney Skip Cornelius represented an ophthalmologist who was charged with murder. The ophthalmologist’s college son was having a party at their home when they caught an intruder in the backyard. The intruder was asked to leave and he did, without incident. Intruder Camps Bushes A short time later the same intruder was found hiding in
  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Case of the Intrastate Burglar
    My good friend and attorney has an office in the office park where we are located. On a weekend when his alarm system was not working he was burglarized, suffering a loss of computers, laptops and other valuable items. As usual. there were no identifiable sus­pects. My friend was frustrated that he did not have



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