The Case of the Snitch Killing

Attorneys Jerald Graber and Bob Loper represented an individual charged with three other individuals with Capital Murder. The victim had given information to the police regarding one of the co-defendants, who went over to the victim’s house and after knocking on the front door, shot the victim to death in the front hallway of the residence.

The police alleged that our defendant had driven the shooter over to the residence with full knowledge that the shooter was going to retaliate regarding the victim, snitching him out to the police. The State had a number of witnesses who allegedly could verify that our defendant was aware of the plan.

Gradoni & Associates Investigate The Murder

Investigator Keith Kucifer interviewed a number of the witnesses and determined that none of them were willing to testify on behalf of the State of Texas. None of the witnesses claimed to know anything about our defendant’s involvement in the incident.

The defendant refused to take a plea bargain deal for 40 years and took the case to trial, knowing if he was found guilty he would receive Life in prison without the possibility of parole. Loper and Graber did a magnificent job during the trial and as a result, the jury found our defendant guilty of retaliation, giving him an 8 year sentence.

Result of Investigation: Capital Murder Charges Drastically Reduced

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The Case of the Snitch Killing