The Protecting My Elderly Father Case

Gradoni & Associates was hired by a Houston business man who had a number of concerns regarding the care for his father, who is in the acute stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Our client’s father had been living with his wife for 30 years and was quite well off financially.

The wife placed her husband in a nursing home, telling our client that it was her opinion the nursing home could provide better care for her husband than she could at home. Our client argued that his father certainly could stay at the family residence, since they certainly had enough money to hire in home caretakers. The wife explained to our client that she spent the majority of each day at the nursing home with her husband. The client requested that we surveil the father’s wife in order to determine if her claims about spending time with the father were accurate.

Gradoni & Associates Investigates

Investigator Paul Wisdom surveilled the wife for 14 straight days, learning that she actually visited the nursing home on 10 occasions, for no longer than an hour and a half on each visit. Our client had filed in Civil Court, wanting to get care, control and custody of his father in order to bring his father to his home, where he could receive more personalized care. The wife had testified in the deposition, exaggerating all the time she spent at the nursing home. The case is still under litigation, but our surveillance results should hopefully expose the woman and will help provide a good outcome for our client’s father.

Result of Investigation: Case is On-Going

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The Protecting My Elderly Father Case