Don’t Leave Home Without It

American Express Card Fraud

Kevin Templeton conducted an investigation on behalf of our client, which identified over $30,000 worth of charges by an employee on our client’s Corporate American Express credit card, which he diverted to his own personal use. The charges included a washer and dryer, big screen television, electronics and computer equipment and even a thousand dollar suit purchased at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Our Corporate Embezzlement Investigation Commences

Templeton gathered all of the necessary receipts, which verified that the employee had personally made the charges. Templeton also visited the employee’s home, which was for sale, posing as a potential buyer. Templeton was able to view a number of the items purchased with the American Express credit card in the employee’s home.

Houston Police Department Forgery Investigators were very happy to obtain our investigative package, allowing them to file charges and recover stolen property without having to do much of the paperwork. We believe the employee became somewhat confused about American Express’ slogan, “Don’t Leave Home Without It.” The employee decided to “fill his home with it”. This of course is not a defense to prosecution.

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Don’t Leave Home Without It

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