The Case of the Preserved Handprints

An Alleged Hit & Run

Attorney Stanley Schneider represented a businessman who encountered three teenage girls at an intersection. As the man inched through the intersection, the girls started yelling at him and placed their hands on the fender of his vehicle. The defendant was later arrested when one of the girls told police that he ran into her and left the scene.

Investigators Discover Preserved Handprints

Investigators interviewed the three teenage females, finding discrepancies in their stories. Preservation of the vehicle showed the teenagers’ handprints on the side of the vehicle rather than the front of the vehicle as they claimed. A package was presented to the Grand Jury and the defendant was No Billed.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Failure to Stop & Render Aid (FSRA) Charge No Billed

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The Case of the Preserved Handprints