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May of 2005 Edition

  • Private Investigators of TexasThe Medicaid Fraud Defense Investigation
    The Doctor Was Charged With Medicaid Fraud Kent Schaffer and Rick Detoto represented a doctor charged with multiple counts of Medicaid fraud related to physical therapy sessions and wheelchair prescriptions. Gradoni & Associates Investigates Investigators interviewed a number of the doctor’s patients, making arrangements to transport them to court in order that they may testify
  • The Case of The Eyewitness Who Wasn’t
    Michael Stone represented a young male charged with burglary of a habitation because the complainant’s neighbor allegedly saw the defendant go through an open window. Gradoni Investigations Gets Involved Investigators interviewed the neighbor who stated that she never saw the defendant go into the residence, only seeing him bent over a bush in front of
  • The Case of the Driveway Robberies
    Attorney Robert Loper represented one of the defendants charged with a number of driveway robberies in both Fort Bend and Harris Counties. The State’s case rested solely on the identification of the complaining witness. Gradoni & Associates Investigates Investigators were able to determine that the complaining witness told the police two different versions of what occurred
  • The “Used Video” Robbery Inquiry
    Attorney Robert Fickman represented an individual charged with the aggravated robbery of a video store employee in the parking lot of the establishment. The complainant claimed he was buying used videos from the defendant, who robbed him of $500 at gunpoint. Gradoni & Associates Investigates Robbery Claims Our investigation identified a number of discrepancies in the
  • Investigation Leads to Mercy for Sex Offender
    George Parnham represented a defendant who was on probation for sexual assault to a child, who was charged with the sexual assault of a 2nd child, placing the defendant in jeopardy of a life sentence. Our Investigation Reveals Lies Our investigation determined that the complaining witness had been encouraged by her aunt to make the
  • The HPD-Cantina Bribery Investigation
    Gradoni & Associates represented all five of the Houston Police officers charged in the “cantina” case on behalf of the Houston Police Officers Union. Interviews were conducted with a number of cantina owners who were very happy with the security services provided by the indicted officers. A background investigation was conducted on the club owner
  • Investigation Earns Life Sentence
    Attorney Phoebe Smith and Attorney Gordon White represented a defendant charged with the murder of a husband, wife and their child in a dope deal gone bad in a high profile case in Fort Bend County. The co-defendant, who alleged our client was the shooter, had previously been tried and given a life sentence. Our
  • Murder at the Hollywood Video Store
    Attorney Katherine Scardino and Attorney Jimmy Phillips Jr. obtained a hung jury in a high profile capital murder case in the 184th Criminal District Court, charging the defendant and his cousin with capital murder in the shooting deaths of 2 employees at the Hollywood Video store. Gradoni Gets The Investigation Our investigators had interviewed a number of
  • Investigation Gets 20 YR Prison Sentence Reversed
    Houston, TX based Attorney Stanley Schneider represented a defendant charged with gay bashing. The defendant pleaded guilty, asking the court to set punishment. The complainant wanted the most severe penalty the law could provide. The defendant was given a 20 year sentence. Gradoni Private Investigations Gets Involved Investigators learned that the complainant was living with
  • False Criminal Charges: The Girlfriend Inquiry
    Houston, TX based criminal law attorney Stephanie Martin represented a defendant who was charged with kicking and beating his girlfriend in front of his residence. Gradoni Investigations Uncover a Pattern of Lies Investigators were able to identify a number of discrepancies in the complainant’s story. Investigators were also able to dilute the only eyewitness account
  • Investigating False Allegations of Sexual Assault
    George Parnham represented a 17-year-old male who was charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy. The Gradoni Investigation Pays Dividends During trial, Parnham was able to utilize the information we developed during our investigation that the complaining witness had numerous conduct problems at school and was known as a liar. The victim’s mother testified that
  • The Road Rage Killing Investigation
    The Freeway Killing Troy McKinney represented a defendant charged with murder as a driver of a vehicle involved in a road rage shooting on the freeway. Gradoni & Associates Investigates We relentlessly pursued each of the State’s Witnesses and the accuracy of their identification. We established that the defendant’s car did not really fit the
  • burglary-investigationThe Case of the Misidentified Burglar
    The Defendant Was Charged with Burglary Staci Biggar represented a defendant charged with burglary when the homeowner found an intruder in his apartment. The state’s case hinged on the complainant’s identification from the photo spread. Investigators interviewed the complaining witness and learned it took over five minutes for him to identify the defendant and he
  • Knive-KillingThe Threatened Knife Killing Case
    She Said He Threatened to Kill Her Jill Wallace represented a defendant charged with aggravated assault because his girlfriend complained he had threatened to kill her by stabbing her with a knife. The Investigation Reveals Lies Investigators interviewed the complainant, who admitted that she lied to police about the assault. The complainant also stated the
  • Stripper 2The Stripper Exposure Investigation
    Attorney JoAnne Musick represented the defendant whose felony probation was revoked due to the fact that the defendant had allegedly exposed himself to a topless dancer. Investigators established the topless dancer’s poor credibility through a background investigation and an interview with her. The interview established that the complainant would make a poor witness for the
  • handprints on carThe Case of the Preserved Handprints
    An Alleged Hit & Run Attorney Stanley Schneider represented a businessman who encountered three teenage girls at an intersection. As the man inched through the intersection, the girls started yelling at him and placed their hands on the fender of his vehicle. The defendant was later arrested when one of the girls told police that he
  • The Drive-By Shooting Murder Investigation
    Randy Schaffer represented a young Hispanic male who had been convicted of a drive-by shooting, resulting in a life sentence. After Randy got the case overturned on appeal, we assisted in the new trial preparation. The State’s case was built mostly on eyewitness testimony. The eyewitnesses testified to having actual observation of the shooting while
  • The Capital Murder by Fire Investigation
    Houston, TX based attorney Skip Cornelius represented a defendant who was charged with causing a fire that resulted in his brother’s death. The defendant had previously been sent to prison for murder, having burned the victim to death. Gradoni Detectives Establish Reasonable Doubt Investigators interviewed a number of family members who were able to cast doubt
  • The Immigrant Smuggling Investigation
    Victoria, TX: Immigrant Death Case Attorney Robert Scardino and Attorney Ali Fazel represented a female charged as a co-conspirator with the ring’s leader in facilitating the smuggling of illegals on a tractor trailer in Victoria, TX. Our Investigators Visit The Valley Investigators traveled to the Valley and investigated the defendant’s relationship with the ring leader
  • Harris County Jail Assault Investigation
    Danny Easterling represented a Harris County inmate who was charged with assaulting a deputy while in custody at the jail. Investigators interviewed six inmate witnesses to the incident. Easterling was able to utilize the eye witness testimony to obtain an acquittal for his client. RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Inmate Acquitted of Assault on Public Servant
  • shell-game 2The Sore Loser Inquiry
    Our Client Was Charged with Robbery Attorney Perry Bass represented an individual charged with robbery of a female in the parking lot of a grocery store. Our Investigation Revealed Gambling Losses Our investigation determined that the defendant won $200 from the complainant in a shell game. Investigators determined that the two witnesses provided by the



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