The Expeditious Service Case

Attorney Kate McConnico represented an individual who had family law matters in Harris County, TX and Atlanta, GA with his ex-wife. Gradoni & Associates’ investigators received a phone call on a Thursday morning from Kate’s Client who stated that the local Constables were unable to serve papers on his former wife, who lived in an apartment complex in the Bay Area.

They Needed an Effective Process Server

Kate’s Client wanted to know if we could affect service on the papers that day, but could only give us the name of the complex and the fact that his ex-wife drove a gold Tahoe. Of course, the Client wanted this accomplished as economically as possible.

Polly Korzekwa, our research girl, not only located the apartment number where the ex-wife lived, but also identified the license plate number for her Yukon (not Tahoe). When Investigator Keith Kucifer pulled up at the complex, in an attempt to make service, our Client’s unlucky ex-wife happened to pull up at the same time, parking next to Keith’s vehicle. Keith noted that the license plate number was identical to the one we had developed and proceeded to serve the required paperwork.

Although what we accomplished for the Client was not a major investigation, it is an example of the type of effectiveness we can provide for clients.

The Process Server for Tough Cases

Gradoni & Associates, since 1989, has developed a reputation as an effective Houston process server. If you need our help affecting service, or tracking someone down, contact us at 281-440-0800.

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