The False Vehicular Assault Claim Investigation

Houston, TX Lawyer Lana Gordon represented a defendant charged with running over the Complainant with his car twice during an altercation.

Gradoni Investigates the Vehicular Assault Claim

Investigator Benito Segura located the Complainant and visited the scene. He took representative photos of the residential area, which tended to dispute the Complainant’s version of events.

Investigator Cindy Klein interviewed the Complainant who admitted that he actually started the altercation and had sent his pit bull out of the house after the Defendant. We were also able to determine that the Complainant never sustained the type of injuries that would have occurred if he had been run over twice by a vehicle. Lana was able to provide the District Attorney with the facts we developed and the case was dismissed.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Aggravated Assault Charges Dismissed

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The False Vehicular Assault Claim Investigation