Capital Murder Case Abandoned By State of Texas

Houston, TX lawyer Laine Lindsey represented a defendant who was charged with killing two Hispanic males after what was believed to be a verbal altercation.

Detective Benito Segura Investigates

Benito Segura, and experienced private eye, interviewed the eyewitness to the shooting who said the two victims were armed and pointing guns. The State had three other witnesses, two of which were gang members affiliated with the victims.

Cindy Klein interviewed a State witness who gave testimony beneficial to the defense. Laine Lindsey did a great job poking holes into the identification of the defendant as the shooter. To the jury’s credit, they could not convict the defendant based on the evidence presented. The State has abandoned the Capital case and are proceeding to try the defendant on another matter.

RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Hung Jury in Capital Murder Case

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Capital Murder Case Abandoned By State of Texas