Investigation Limits Life Sentence to 3 Years

Houston criminal-defense Attorney John M. Petruzzi represented an individual charged with Solicitation of Capital Murder. The State was originally seeking a life sentence.

Gradoni & Associates Perform Investigation

Efrain Gutierrez determined through his investigation that what actually happened was the defendant had heard other parties discussing a desire to kill the victim. The defendant, thinking this would be a source of money went over to the intended victim’s business, accompanied by some friendly thugs and offered to give him the information for a fee about who wanted to kill him.

The Police set up a sting, arresting the defendant and his associates. Efrain Gutierrez interviewed the complainant who stated that he was willing to testify that the defendant was merely trying to extort money from him and had no involvement in a plot to kill him. The State agreed to accept a plea for three years to a much lesser offense.



RESULT BASED ON INVESTIGATION: Defendant’s Charges Drastically Reduced

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Investigation Limits Life Sentence to 3 Years